Want Your Dog To Be A Good Neighbor? It Starts With You!

5. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

The importance of exercise for dogs cannot be stressed enough. Proper exercise gives them the outlet to shed extra pent up energy that can internalize and cause behavior problems. It’s been said that a tired dog is a good dog, and that is certainly true when it comes to your dog being a good neighbor. Physical exercise as well as mental exercise is important; help your dog flex their mental muscles with this awesome puzzle toy!

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4. Make Introductions

Take the time to introduce your dog to your neighbors when you first move into a neighborhood, and reinforce that relationship often so that your dog recognizes them and doesn’t consider them a threat. This simple step also allows you to find out if your neighbors like dogs, if they have any concerns about a canine neighbor, and gives them the opportunity to share any other questions or worries they may have.

3. Spay And Neuter Your Dog

It is up to you to do the responsible thing when it comes to your dog’s health and safety. If your dog does happen to escape your yard, you don’t want to be the reason an unwanted pregnancy occurs. On the fence about fixing? Check out some reasons why spaying and neutering is the best choice for your pet!


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2. Be Honest

Set yourself up for success. Don’t be afraid to make requests when it comes to your dog’s safety and preferences. Your neighbors will understand that you are doing it with their safety and happiness in mind. If your dog does not like children, make sure to let any neighbors with young children know, and take the proper steps to ensure their safety by investing in a solid fence. Letting your neighbors know of any issues beforehand and politely asking for their support is a great way to build a positive relationship.

Speaking of communication…

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