Want Your Dog To Be A Good Neighbor? It Starts With You!

Training your dog to be a good neighbor starts with you. Your training and time spent with your dog determines the type of neighbor they will become. The first step is to set them up for success. Don’t set your dogs up for failure by not taking the proper steps and actions to help them to achieve their goals. Dogs need guidance and leadership in order to learn what is acceptable behavior. Work with your furry friend, and together you both will be neighborhood friends, not foes.

Follow these tips and your dog will become a better neighbor than Mr. Rogers in no time!

7. Say Yes To A Fence

Ensure the safety of your dog, as well as the privacy of your neighbors, by installing a secure fence around your property. A dog that knows and respects her boundaries makes for a good neighbor. A fence protects your dog from outside threats, and keeps her contained in the safety of your yard.



6. The Bark Stops Here

There are few things will alienate you from your neighbors faster than your dog excessively barking at all times of the day and night. Most people appreciate the beauty of silence, especially in the comfort of their homes. Reach out to a trainer if your dog’s excessive barking cannot be managed.

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