A Goodbye Letter To My Human

We are constantly surrounded by loss but until it hits home, we really can’t imagine how it’s going to feel. The heart doesn’t just feel broken, it feels like it will never heal again! The devastation is so over-powering that it’s hard to get out of bed and go on with life.

But I am here to say this: You are NOT alone! Let this video comfort you and show you that you are NOT alone. Grieve the way you need to. There is no plan, there are no rules. Pay no attention to how others handle their loss; each person grieves on his or her own time. And there is no specific time to move on.

This letter from your pet is proof that so many others have been where you are and have hurt the way you hurt right now.

Yet, we know, deep down, that our fur babies would want us to heal and move on (the best way we can). They wouldn’t want us to suffer. They would want us to feel that love again, even if it feels like doing so is impossible.

Do the best you can, that is all your pet would ever want. Hold on to what you need to hold onto. Then, when you can, open your heart again. There is enough love in there to do so. I promise!

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