This Woman Spent $750 To Save What?! You Won’t Believe This!

Most people would have flushed their goldfish down the toilet, but not Abby Gordon…

Abby won her goldfish, Star, at a carnival game over 12 years ago. She and her mother added Nemo the goldfish to their tank shortly after to give Star a friend.


Recently, Star and Nemo had a round of health scares that would have prompted almost any other owner to give up, but not Abby. Star developed cancer and went blind in one eye, and Nemo developed a lump. She decided to do what she could to help save her goldfish, no matter the cost. Goldfish can live up to 30 years if cared for properly, and Abby wasn’t going to let cancer get in their way.

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Although the surgery was going to cost $750 for both goldfish, Abby and her mom had no hesitation when they decided to do what they could to save their friends. A talented veterinarian team removed Star’s eye, and Nemo had a life-saving procedure as well. The fish were sedated with syringes filled with anesthetic tinted water.

“The financial value of a goldfish may be quite small but I think the fact that someone should have paid that much for an operation reflects the true value of the bond between pets and humans,” Brigitte Lord, Star’s surgeon, said.

They are recovering nicely in their home, and will hopefully live a long and healthy life thanks to their sweet human and the talented vet team that cared for them. This isn’t the only time humans have shelled out the big bucks to save their tiny friends. A goldfish named Monty from England had surgery to remove tumors from behind his eye, and a 10-year-old golfish from Australia named George had surgery to remove some nasty tumors that were making it difficult for him to swim.

Goldfish may be among the least-expensive pets to purchase, but these stories prove that their lives are just as priceless as any other.

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What a sweet reminder that no pet is too small to care for 🙂 Would you have done this?

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