The Golden Age Of Retrievers Is Over In Turkey

Eighteen golden retrievers just embarked on an incredible journey to find their forever homes! The dogs travelled all the way from Turkey to Dripping Springs, Texas, courtesy of Gold Ribbon Rescue—a group that will be working hard to find them new homes in the United States.


Gold Ribbon has been striving to bring golden retrievers to the U.S. since they heard of the vast number of strays in Istanbul, where it was once trendy to own a golden retriever. When the fad passed, many of the dogs were abandoned, left to fend for themselves, or brought into crowded animal shelters.

The dogs were said to have been wonderful on the long plane rides to Luxembourg, then Miami, and finally Houston. From there, they were driven to Dripping Springs. They have spent their first days in the U.S. being bathed, groomed, visiting vets, and getting plenty of love and attention, many for the first time in their lives. Adorably, each dog has been given a name that honors their new residence in Texas, such as Ladybird and Red River.

Girl and Golden

The goldens are enjoying their new homes, and are loving being pet, walked, and showered with toys! Gold Ribbon Rescue hopes to continue their efforts by bringing more of these abandoned dogs to the U.S., where they too can fine their forever homes with one of the many families who are on waiting lists to adopt golden retrievers.

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