Golden Retriever Mom Teachers Her Puppies How To Play In The Snow

Being a mom is a tough job, and that’s true not only for humans but for animals as well. However, alongside the hard stuff is also a lot of fun stuff.

Just ask Boon, a golden retriever living in northern Vermont.

Photo: YouTube/Susan Menne

Boon’s owner, Susan Menne, regularly shares videos of her golden retrievers as part of her business, Butternut Goldens.

Sweetly enough, one of her videos featured sweet Boon with a litter of 7-week-old puppies. Raising puppies is no easy task, but it comes with a lot of fun parts too – like teaching the puppies how to play!

Photo: YouTube/Susan Menne

In the video, you can see Boon and a handful of playful puppies outside in the snow. The 7-week-old pups are still learning the ways of the world and Mama Boon is more than happy to teach them how to navigate the snow and play and roughhouse.

Mama dogs often stay on the sidelines when it comes to rough play, but Boon jumped right in and showed her puppies the ropes! It’s too cute.

Photo: YouTube/Susan Menne

Susan Menne shared the video on YouTube, saying: “Our girl Boon teaching her 7 week old puppies how to play.”

Check out the adorable video below:

What a sweet mama dog!

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