Golden Retriever Throws Massive ‘Tantrum’ When It’s Time To Go Home

Golden retrievers have won their way into hearts of people around the world with their endearing personalities and goofy antics. They can be a bit dramatic at times, but also incredibly sweet and cuddly.

One dramatic golden retriever made his feelings known when it was time to leave the brewery with his owner.

Photo: TikTok/@patrick.ryan22

In a hilarious video that’s gone viral on TikTok, you can see the pup throwing a massive tantrum when it’s time to go home.

He starts by plopping down in the parking lot and refusing to budge. His owner stands over him and gives him “a look,” but the dog still doesn’t move. After some leash tugging and more prompting to leave, it becomes clear that the dog has no intentions of going anywhere.

Photo: TikTok/@patrick.ryan22

Eventually, the owner gives in and resorts to picking the dog up like a child! He scoops the golden retriever into his arms and starts marching toward the car.

TikTok user @patrick.ryan22 uploaded a video of the dog with the caption: “This pup didnt want his day at the brewery to end.”

Since being shared on TikTok, the video has been viewed over 44 million times!

Photo: TikTok/@patrick.ryan22

“It’s always a golden retriever,” one person commented. “Golden retrievers seem to do this often,” another person agreed. Someone else chimed in, “I mean, if ur not carried out of a winery or brewery, did u really have a good time?” Touché!

Check out the hilarious clip below:


This pup didnt want his day at the brewery to end #goldenretriever #harpoonbrewery #vermont #fyp

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