Golden Retriever Doesn’t Let Anyone Mess With Grandma

A sweet video captured the moments a protecting and loving golden retriever refused to let anyone mess with his Grandma!

Dogs like him are more than man’s best friend, they’re like family. We know that they’d do anything for their humans, even if they got nothing out of it in return.

When Grandma’s grandson tried to take the remote control from her hands and change the channel, the golden retriever was right there to intervene!

Photo: YouTube/Animal TV

The dog probably didn’t care what was playing on tv, but he cared that it wasn’t his Grandma making the call!

The loyal dog wrestled the remote out of the grandson’s hands and gave right back to Grandma. What a good boy!

Photo: YouTube/Animal TV

That’s not all he did either. When Grandma began eating a bowl of fruit, her mischievous grandson was back at it with his antics – trying to steal her food! At least, that’s what the golden retriever believed.

As the man began eating alongside his grandma, the sweet dog would have none of it! He pulled the man’s coat and dragged him away from the bowl of delicious pineapple so Grandma could eat it all to herself.

Photo: YouTube/Animal TV

Thankfully, it seems the grandson had a good attitude about it. Of course, Grandma was never in any real danger, but the golden retriever was by her side anyway and made sure she was protected. No one is allowed to walk on her when the dog’s around!

Watch the hilarious clip below:

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