Golden Retriever Waits Outside To Give His Favorite Mailman A Hug

One of the best aspects of a dog’s personality is the way they see everyone as a potential friend.

While many dogs are also protective of their families, it’s common for dogs to make connections and friendships with strangers as well, thanks to their loyal and upbeat disposition.

Moose the Golden Retriever is a charming example of this — he’s become best friends with his family’s mailman!

Photo: Max Pixel

It all started in early 2020 when a new postal route was created for the Gruszynski family and a new worker started dropping off their mail.

Moose could have been surprised or upset by the change, but he decided to use it as an opportunity to make a new friend. “Mr. Mailman,” as he’s known by Moose and his followers on social media, was charmed by the way Moose sat and waited for him on his daily route, and it didn’t take long before the two struck up a friendship.

It meant a lot in ways that the family hadn’t even expected.

“We found out our mailman lost his dog recently,” the Gruszynskis added on Instagram. “Their love for each other makes my heart so happy.”

While their daily visits were briefly interrupted by the uncertainty of the early pandemic, it wasn’t long before they were reunited!

Now, Moose enjoys seeing and playing with Mr. Mailman any chance he gets, and their interactions are a bright spot in both of their days.

See more of the two together on Instagram or TikTok!

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