Golden Retriever Doesn’t Know What To Do When Tiny Kitten Crawls Into His Bed

Dogs and cats are natural enemies, but what do you do when you encounter a tiny kitten when you’re a large, loving dog who’d never hurt a fly? If you’re Bailey the golden retriever, you try your very best to get the kitten to go away without touching it.

3.5-year-old Bailey was put into that very situation when he went to lay down in his dog bed only to find a little kitten had claimed it as his own!

The kitten, Simon, was laying right in the middle of the large bed and seemed determined to stay put.

Photo: YouTube/Funny Dog Bailey

In a video shared on Bailey’s YouTube channel, you can see him running up and sniffing the cat at their home in Costa Del Sol, Spain. Shocked by the discovery, he paces around the bed for a minute before letting out a quick bark.

When that doesn’t work, Bailey uses his head and works it under the bed, trying to lift it up and shake the cat out. Anyone who has cats knows they can’t be deterred that easily though.

Photo: YouTube/Funny Dog Bailey
Photo: YouTube/Funny Dog Bailey

Bailey continues doing everything he can possibly can to get the tiny kitten out of his bed so he can lay down, but Simon doesn’t budge.

Eventually, he gives up and lays down exasperated on a tiny half the bed that the kitten isn’t touching.

Photo: Pexels/Bruno Cervera

While you’d think that’d be the end of it, the kitten doesn’t allow Bailey to rest there.

Instead, he scoots over next to the big dog and starts playing with his fur. Eventually, he climbs atop Bailey and uses him as a new bed!

Watch the hilarious clip below:

You can follow Bailey the golden retriever on YouTube and Instagram, and you can follow Simon the kitten on YouTube.

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