Golden Retriever Introduces Newborn Puppy To The Family Cat

Cats and dogs can definitely be friends despite what people might say. This video certainly proves it.

It’s a giant golden retriever mama who is introducing her puppy to the family cat, and it’s just so sweet!

Photo: TikTok/@hannahcolson

In the video, the little puppy is a little upset.

Like every mama knows, sometimes you need a little help wrangling a fussy baby.

Photo: TikTok/@hannahcolson

Luckily for this doggie mama, help comes in the form of her feline friend.

It’s so sweet to watch as this kitty cuddles up to the puppy.

Photo: TikTok/@hannahcolson

The puppy seems to love this feline attention as well!

Watch the adorable TikTok video below:

@hannahcolson Baby daddy putting in the work #catdad #goldenretriever ♬ original sound – Fig and Olive

What do you think of this kitty cat hanging out with the puppy? Let us know!

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