Golden Retriever Suffers Brain Damage After Eating A Deadly ‘Lord-And-Ladies’ Plant

Most of us would do anything we possibly could to keep our pets safe. We provide them with a safe place to live, plenty of healthy food, and lots of TLC.

Unfortunately, there are times when dangers are hiding in plain sight and, even though we are unaware of it, those dangers could be deadly.

A dog owner named Chloe Allen discovered this when it was too late. Back in August of 2020, the 22-year-old woman let her 6-year-old golden retriever named Lola out into the garden as usual. That’s when the dog ate a berry from a lord-and-ladies plant. Unbeknownst to her, the plant was deadly.

Photo: Facebook/Chloe Allen

Lola suffered for eight long months with severe pain as a result of that momentary lapse of judgment. As the situation continued to progress, her tongue started to eat away and the pain got even more severe.

Photo: Facebook/Chloe Allen

Many trips to the veterinarian cost an excessive amount of money, but, regardless of the care, Lola had to be put to sleep because her condition had gone too far.

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Chloe wants people to know how serious of a situation this can be. She issued a warning on her Facebook page and talked about her dog that spent many nights in the kennel at the veterinarian’s office, with Chloe sleeping on the floor. Sometimes Lola would wake up blind and have no idea where she was. She struggled with epilepsy and many other health problems.

Photo: Facebook/Chloe Allen

When Chloe tried to backtrack and find out what had happened, she went to the hedge where Lola had spent some time. She found out that it was a poisonous plant and one of the plants had berries missing. That is when she knew what had happened.

Photo: geograph/Rob Farrow

Unfortunately, the dog was not able to survive but Chloe wants others to know just how dangerous this plant can be.

After posting the warning on social media, it has been shared thousands of times and she has received many messages of support. Hopefully, her words of warning will help someone else to avoid this tragedy.

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