Dog Has Been Delivering The Newspaper To His Neighbors’ Doorsteps Every Day For The Past 11 Years

Usually you have to go outside, walk down your driveway, and bend down to get the newspaper each day, but one helpful pup in Boulder, Colorado, has been saving his neighbors the trouble for the past eleven years.

Every morning, Paul Goldani wakes up, gets his Golden Retriever Quincy and goes out in the neighborhood to deliver the paper to his neighbors.

The paper has technically already been delivered by the mailman, but Quincy picks the paper up in his mouth and delivers it right to the doorstep.

Quincy has done it every day for over a decade, regardless of the weather. His owner says he can find the paper under the snow better than he himself can.

The neighbors enjoy Quincy’s help each day and think it’s super special.

“To some extent it’s fun to train the animal and to see how fast they respond, but more important for me, it’s just nice to give to your neighbors,” Goldan told 9 News.

Watch Quincy help deliver the paper in the video below:

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