Golden Goes Nuts When Mom Returns

It’s extremely hard being away from our pets for long periods of time. But at least we understand the situation. Our pets don’t know where we are, or if we are ever coming back. So imagine how they must feel!

This Golden Retriever, named Oshie, was really missing his mom while she was deployed in Norway in the Marines. He stayed home with his dad, patiently awaiting her return day in and day out, unsure if he’d ever see her again.

Screen Shots: YouTube/Oshies World
Screen Shots: YouTube/Oshies World

One day, his human dad started rolling his camera and asked Oshie, “Is your momma home?” The pup whips his head around and looks toward the door. When his dad asked him again, Oshie walked toward the doorway and was suddenly surprised when his mom opened the door. He instantly freaked out and went absolutely crazy, jumping all over her and wagging his tail. Then he rolls over, and gives her lots of kisses. It’s safe to say he’s missed his mom!

Watch the heartwarming reunion in the video below:

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