GoDaddy’s Attempt At Humor At The Expense Of Animals May Be The Most Terrible Thing You See This Year.

A lot of people love watching the Superbowl for the commercials, which can be more fun than the game. This year however, a commercial by Godaddy, the domain registration site, was released in anticipation of the big game. What starts as a heartbreaking separation of a puppy from his family ends, not in an uplifting reunion, but a service advertisement for puppy mills and online animal sellers, with a healthy does of sociopathic attitude towards animals. Callus, vile, and contemptible, this video manages to hit on every single aspect of the culture animal lovers fight against every day.

For those who don’t wish to view the ad (an understandable position), here’s a rundown. A litter of puppies is riding in the back of a pickup truck, and “Buddy” falls out when the driver hits a bump. Now, that alone is cause for concern. The obvious disregard for the dogs’ safety, and total ignorance of what happened to it is enough to stir the blood of many, myself included. However, Godaddy wasn’t ready to quit there! Oh no. It continues.

The small puppy battles its way through the elements, scared, beaten down, but still fighting to get home. That’s where things could have turned around. The reunion of a loving family, while not a new concept, is always uplifting. But when the pup finally sees his family and bounds happily into their arms, his mom informs him how happy she is to see him – not because he was missed, but because she sold him online through the website she registered through Godaddy. Yes. You read that right. Buddy’s fight to get home ended with this innocent pup being callously passed into the arms of a complete stranger.

There are myriad reasons to put an end to buying and selling animals online. There is no vetting process, no guarantee of safety, and no accountability for where the dog came from or what it might be subjected to.  Accounts of pets sold or given away online ending up as bait or fighting dogs, in the hands of animal abusers, or being resold to laboratories or worse are as disgustingly common as accounts of dogs purchased unwittingly from puppy mills dying of preventable diseases and bringing their new families only grief and heartache. There is no excuse for promoting such a brutal practice.

Thankfully, the ad was pulled, mere hours after the video hit the internet. The company responded swiftly to the quick and visceral reaction of a dog-loving public. However, the light and humorous treatment towards animal welfare and the encouragement of an unregulated online pet trade is a perfect example of why we can’t stop fighting. While the vast majority of people will quickly forget about this uproar, there are still ways to express your anger, and to change how animals are treated in this country. By working to end practices like online pet sales, puppy mills, dog fighting, and serial animal abuse, we can help prevent anyone from ever thinking that the behavior of GoDaddy and their ad team is acceptable.

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