Kids On The Move: Goats of Anarchy Refuse to Stay Down!

Walkin’ Pets is a company that does amazing things for animals in need. They provide wheelchairs for animals that have little to no mobility.

On a recent trip to Goats Of Anarchy, a goat sanctuary in New Jersey, several of the goats had their wheelchairs adjusted and one special goat even got his first wheelchair. YAY!


Before Walkin’ Pets, and companies like it, most goats with mobility issues would be euthanized. Now these goats have the chance to live a wonderful and VERY happy life.

One particular goat, named Emma, celebrated her final day during the trip. She passed away soon after but she was happy and loved. And had a beautiful wheelchair to get around in. R.I.P. dear Emma.


ALL animals deserve love. They deserve the best we can give them, no matter what species they are. And no matter what kind of legs they have! Thanks to Walkin’ Pets, this dream is becoming a reality.

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