Woman Quit Her Job To Care For Special Needs Goats

Woman left behind the big city and high paying job to help special needs animals. She would pass goat farms daily on her commute to work, but her life was changed when she visited one with her husband.

Leanne Lauricella quit her corporate events planner job in New York City to become a full time caregiver to special needs goats and farm animals. She told People, “I just fell in love. A short time later, I came home with two baby goats.”

Her new home in New Jersey quickly became a forever home to three more goats, for a total of five. She simply could not resist adopting more. “I became a crazy goat person. I just didn’t want to go to work anymore.”

Photos: Instagram/goatsofanarchy

She made two life changing decisions – one to quit her job and the other to become a vegan. A co-worker informed her of the cruel factory farm practices and she instantly decided to stop eating meat. While the changes were exciting, she was also terrified of not having an income.

Leanne created an Instagram page for her goats and decided to name them after the show she was binge watching, Sons of Anarchy. Each of the five goats were named after the show’s characters, so she decided to name the page Goats of Anarchy. The followers started to flow in and the page became an instant success.

Photos: Instagram/goatsofanarchy

She saw this as a sign that she made the right choice. Although, she is no longer working at a corporate job, her days are full of caring for the now 85 goats, pigs, horses and many other farm animals on her 30-acre farm in New Jersey. No home is complete without dogs and cats, which also occupy her home.

“I had no intentions of ever getting any more goats,” Leanne states. “I was good with my five.”

She does whatever is necessary for the goats and other animals to survive. Her vegan farm sanctuary is a safe haven to all animals in need. Special needs goats roam free in her home dressed in onesies to keep their diapers in place. Some are blind, immobile or need surgery – while others need custom wheels to get around.

Goats are not the only animals that call the farm home. Leanne went to an auction and saved a blind 25-year-old horse headed for slaughter. The sweet horse was named Noah and brought to quarantine before heading to the farm. She cried the entire way home after what she witnessed at the auction.

Photos: Instagram/goatsofanarchy

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One goat named Josie holds a special place in Leanne’s heart. She posted, “For almost two years I have given Josie 24/7 care. She slept with me most of the time – my little spoon. She has always lived in my house and worn diapers which I change several times per day. I haven’t spent a day without her and I cannot imagine my life without her.”

Her loyal social media followers help cover the cost of surgeries, care and prosthetics for the special needs goats. Leanne receives charitable donations for the goats through the funding site Patreon and writes children’s books. However, money is tight but she wouldn’t change anything about her life. “I haven’t been on vacation in five years, but it’s not work. It’s just my life, and it’s my passion.”

Photos: Instagram/goatsofanarchy

She recently posted on Instagram looking back over the year, “We rescued 89 animals so far this year. That’s 89 lives in one year because of all of you!! We were able to spend $25k on our robogoats, providing them with prosthetics and/or carts to help their mobility. That’s huge! We spent over $75k on medical treatment for the animals. We trenched water and electric to every single barn. We bought TONS of hay! We built a prosthetics lab so our animals can have their robolegs built on site in one day.”

Photos: Instagram/goatsofanarchy

While her life is hectic at times, she is determined to save more animals. She posted, “I promise to keep growing, evolving and giving everything I’ve got as long as my body allows it, but I just cannot do it without you.”

Watch Wolfie, a goat Leanne rehabilitated, walk for the first time without splints or a cart in the video below.

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