Goats Are A Lot More Than Natures Lawnmowers! Find Out Why We Love Them So Much!

Let’s face it, goats are weird. Cute? Absolutely. Hilarious to watch? For sure. But they are also very, very weird. Instead of looking at them quizzically, it’s time to learn how to appreciate their crazy quirks and their outlandish behavior. We’ve complied a few wonderful facts (and some colloquial anecdotes) to help encourage the celebration of goats!


Goats are natures acrobats!

Goats have excellent coordination. They are able to navigate precarious areas such as steep mountains or tree branches.  They can also jump more than 5 feet high!

Dogs and cats aren’t the only ones that can learn their names!

Goats are actually wonderful pets, assuming you have a big yard and the ability to care for them properly. One of the best parts is when they learn their names. Seeing a goat running to you across the lawn is a monumental delight.

Goats invented my favorite beverage?!

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