Goat Demands To Be Let Inside The House With The Dogs

Don Pedro may be a goat, but he wants to be an indoor dog instead.

To show his owners just how he was feeling, the 13+-year-old neutered male protested living outside by waiting right by the sliding door of the house!

Pedro could see the dogs standing inside, just on the other side of the glass, and wanted to be in on the action. It wasn’t fair that the large, drooly dogs got to live inside and not him!

Photo: YouTube/Sunflower Farm Creamery
Photo: YouTube/Sunflower Farm Creamery

In a video shared on YouTube of the goat’s efforts to become an indoor pet, his owner explained that when Don Pedro was adopted 13 years ago, her husband made her promise that the goat would be an outside animal.

The owner wrote, “Way back my husband made me agree to the fact that he had to stay outside. (I guess he knows me pretty well.)” However, it seems the goat may be getting a chance at indoor life.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“Since both our dogs are big shedders and drool, the goat may have a good argument that he would make a better house guest!” his owner continued.

Goats are messy and they can smell, but the same is true of dogs. Maybe Don Pedro will get his wish after all.

Watch his antics in the video below:

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