Rescuers Save Goat Trapped In A 250-Ft Irrigation Pipe

It’s not uncommon for goats to become trapped in fencing, or get themselves into precarious situations. But sometimes, they take things a step furhter. Rescuers with the Arizona Humane Society were called to the scene of an unusual situation, where a goat had become trapped somewhere along a 250-ft irrigation pipe.

The humane society shared the news, explaining that Andy Gallo, an emergency animal technician, received the call that an 8-month-old goat had fallen into the pipe and needed help.

Andy immediately went to the scene to see how he could help, along with two of his coworkers, Gracie Watts and Savana Wilcox.

Photo: Facebook/Arizona Humane Society

After hours of investigating, they realized there was no way they were going to be able to find the goat in the long pipe without a snake camera. They couldn’t just dig up the whole pipe so they needed to get as close to the goat as possible to be able to free it, and they needed to work fast.

If rain were to fall, the pipe would fill up – and the little billy goat would drown.

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Knowing the urgency of the situation, the rescue team showed up early the next day with a camera and a 100 foot PVC pipe. They used the pipe to get the camera into the irrigation pipe to search for the goat, who they could hear crying out in distress.

Photo: Facebook/Arizona Humane Society

Unfortunately, the camera proved mostly unsuccessful and the team was left to guess where they should attempt to dig. They ended up guessing where to dig and broke up dirt and pipe in their chosen spot, hoping it’d be close neough to the goat that they could reach him.

Thankfully, it worked! The spot of the pipe they chose was just five feet from where the goat was trapped, so they were able to pull him out and bring him to safety.

Photo: Facebook/Arizona Humane Society
Photo: Pixabay/Marisa04

The Arizona Humane Society shared footage of the rescue on Facebook. Just moments after the goat was freed, the sky opened up into a “torrential downpour…a sign that the goat would likely not have made it if it weren’t for some committed rescuers.”

Andy described the rescue as being “the best rescue of his 16-year career with AHS.”

Watch the video of the moment the little goat is freed below:

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