Playful Goat Learns To Balance On A Seesaw

In an adorable video, two playful goats on a hobby farm in Oberlin, Ohio discovered a seesaw and decided to explore it.

The goats, Alex and Junior, live at Tammy’s Oberlin Hobby Farm. They recently discovered a seesaw and are determined to figure out how it works.

In one video, both goats can be seen standing on the seesaw, unsure what to think.

Photo: Facebook/Tammy’s Oberlin Hobby Farm

Eventually, Junior hops off the seesaw and leaves Alex on his own. Alex doesn’t give up so easily, though, and eventually starts to get the hang of things.

Photo: Facebook/Tammy’s Oberlin Hobby Farm

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Photo: Facebook/Tammy’s Oberlin Hobby Farm

Tammy Tunison, their owner, can be heard in the background finding much amusement at her goats’ expense. She shared the video to Facebook, saying, “Alex teetered and tattered for about 45 minutes. When he was done, he decided making it balance would be fun.”

Watch the adorable video below:

It turns out, Alex quite enjoyed the fun seesaw and continued to play on it. Tunison shared another video showing Alex tackling the teeter-totter solo, and doing quite well on it.

She said, “Alex taught himself how to teeter-totter. I think Alex knows he is entertaining me. The more I laugh the more he does it. Watch to the end, he cracks me up.”

Watch the video below:

What do you think of these playful goats?

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