A Baby Goat Just Turned My Guts To Mush

This sweet baby goat has had a rough time, but no worries, he has a buddy to keep him company! As if he couldn’t get any cuter, BAM! He actually does! Snuggling his little face into a soft plushy that is ALSO A GOAT! My goodness! How am I supposed to breathe after seeing something like this?


Here are some goat-tastic facts:

Goats were one of the very first animals to be tamed by humans. Seriously! Since about 9,000 years ago, humans have been herding goats. WHOA!

Goats can actually learn their name and come to when called!

Baby goats, called kids, stand within moments of being born but their legs are kinda like jello. LOL!

Goats are herding animals so they do not do well all alone. In fact, if they are without a companion, they get very depressed. Awwww 🙁

Goats are not grazers, like people believe. They are actually foragers. They like to go higher and higher to obtain food, especially since they are such talented climbers!

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