Officer’s Bodycam Catches Goat Breaking Into His Police Car And Eating Paperwork

Most of us would never dream of breaking into a police car, but there was one goat who threw all caution to the wind and actually broke into a police car! And if that wasn’t enough, this cuddly criminal even proceeded to eat all the paperwork that it found in the passenger’s seat.

The hilarious incident happened down in Georgia’s Douglas County, with the goat’s bad behavior being caught by the officer’s bodycam. The deputy had been on call to a home. While responding to the call, the officer had left her car door open. That is when the brazen goat decided to have some fun and snoop around the officer’s car. It had even found itself a tasty snack in the form of the paperwork left out on her passenger seat. The officer had to fight the goat in order to salvage what paperwork she could. But this goat was apparently not above head-butting and knocking down the police officer!

The hilarious video was posted by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to their Facebook page with a description of the incident. The caption read, “Here is a little Friday humor to help lighten the mood.”

Photo: Facebook / Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (Georgia)

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It further went on to explain that the officer had gone to a residence in order to serve the residents with some civil papers. Given that she will often visit many homes in a day, the officer has a habit of leaving her car door open – especially since she often has to run away from angry dogs. But the officer never expected that she would be encountering a rogue goat. The post further settled some concerns about the officer – they noted that while she may have gotten knocked down by the goat, she was completely fine. They wrote, “At the end of the day we all got a little laugh out of it and we hope you do as well!”

After the clip was shared, it immediately started going viral – and we can understand why. There were many people who were commenting on the post. Most were jokes about the goat eating the paperwork.

Watch the funny video below:

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