A Seeing Eye Dog For A Jack Russell Terrier? You Won’t Believe This Story!

After an expansive search across the UK, partners Glenn and Buzz have finally found their forever home! Hundreds of applications piled up for the two, and saviors Stray Aid too the vetting process incredibly serious. It is a beautiful and touching story, and we are so happy to see this pair find the home they deserve!

Glenn and Buzz are not your typical story of pet abandonment. The two were found in a sea tunnel in Hartlepool, United Kingdom, and taken to StrayAid, a rescue organization. What makes this story stand apart is the relationship between these two. Glenn is a Jack Russell Terrier who just happens to be blind. Tragic certainly, but it turns out that Staffordshire Bull Terrier Buzz has learned to act as his seeing eye dog! The relationship between the two is startling, and uplifting. Buzz helps Glenn take walks, learn his surroundings, and acts as his general protector.

StrayAid is looking for a home that will take the pair, as they refuse to adopt them out separately. When apart, they both cry and search for each other, and given that they are around 10 years old, drastic change would not be good for either. If you happen to be in the UK, head over to StrayAid and see what you can do for this amazing pair!

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