He Heard A Growl Coming From An Abandoned Mine And Called His Friends For Climbing Gear

On at least three accounts, the results of this story are better than a nap.

Preston Gladd enjoys exploring abandoned mines in Colorado’s Pike National Forest. He’s starting to learn how they weave together, their smells, their sounds.

It’s not unusual to hear the silence of an empty mine punctuated by dripping water or distant echoes. But you don’t expect to hear a growl. Gladd’s ears pricked up when something uttered a low grumble as he made his way through a mine in early October, CBS Denver reports.

“I just heard growling and animal sounds so I thought it was something living in the mine,” Gladd said.

Source: Facebook/Portia Scovern
Source: Facebook/Portia Scovern

He packed up his gear and left the site but found himself wondering about the animal days later.

“I’ve been wanting to go in and explore the cave and I like animals a lot so I couldn’t stop thinking about the animal,” he said. “So I crawled down into the mine and looked down the shaft and saw there was somebody’s dog with a collar stuck down at the bottom running around.”

Gladd knew he would need help rescuing the dog, so he called his friend and exploring partner Gannon Ingels and his girlfriend Portia Scovern.

“I get a phone call. He’s like, ‘Gannon, that mine I was exploring the other day, there’s a dog down here. Get the gear. We’ve got to save it,” Ingels said. “I was stoked. I was like, what? Puppy to save? For sure, way better than the nap I was going to take.”

Source: Facebook/Portia Scovern Gannon Ingels
Source: Facebook/Portia Scovern
Gannon Ingels

From the small entrance to the cave in the forest, a tunnel reaches back about 60 feet before it drops around 25 feet, where the dog was stuck.

Left alone at the bottom of a well for 10 days, a small dog might not have much of a chance for survival. Put two of America’s most stoked spelunkers on the case, and it was a matter of minutes before the dog was brought up to the surface and was eating and drinking water.

Source: Facebook/Portia Scovern Cheyenne
Source: Facebook/Portia Scovern

A trip to the local veterinarian found that the dog was surprisingly healthy, and, after posting pictures of their new furry friend to Facebook, the team heard back from the owner the very next day.

“I would never guess it would blow up and people would spread it around everywhere,” Ingels said. “It was really, really cool to see it all come together.”

Source: Facebook/Portia Scovern
Source: Facebook/Portia Scovern
Ingels, Gladd, and Portia Scovern with Cheyenne.

The dog’s name is Cheyenne. She has since been reunited with her grateful human.

Watch the thrilling rescue in the video below!

UPDATE:: Facebook helped find the owner before the sun came up!! 😍
We rescued a doggy from an abandoned mine shaft outside Fairplay/Southpark, Colorado!! She is not reported missing at any vet or police station and she is not microchipped..She is underweight and dehydrated, but we are shocked that she has no injuries after a 20ft fall.
The story gets worse..
Preston was hiking this area over A WEEK ago when he heard sounds coming from the cave. He thought it was a wild animal so he did not investigate. He came to hike here again today when he heard actual barking; At which point he called Gannon and I to come help.

Please share this Colorado mountain people so we can find her parents! I emailed the newspaper as well.

Posted by Portia Scovern on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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