9-Year-Old Girl Starts Organization To Rescue Fake ‘Mini Pigs’ That Turn Into Larger Pigs

A third-grade girl has seen an issue involving pet pigs and she decided to do something about it. Her mission started when she saw how many people were surrendering their pigs as they grew larger than expected.

Back in 2013, Alaina Holdread met Daisy, who became her first pet pig. When the family first purchased the pig, they were told that it would stay small. But within two years, the pig was 150 pounds.

Unfortunately, this is a scenario that plays out all too often. People who bring pigs into their family are misinformed by breeders so that the sale takes place.

Photo: Betty Holdread / Facebook

Nine-year-old Alaina spoke to Good Morning America, saying:

“I started learning about all of the myths that are out there about potbelly pigs, like they will stay teacup size and they make good apartment pets.

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This is not true, and a lot of people get rid of their pig once they figure this out.”

After she learned the truth, Alaina had a talk with her mother, Betty Holdread. She told her mother that she wanted to start an organization that would save those pet pigs.

As a result of that discussion and some hard work, Pink for Pigs was started. Alaina created the organization to sell handmade accessories that are themed after pigs. After collecting the money, it is donated to help pig shelters.

Photo: Betty Holdread / Facebook

As a true animal lover, Alaina spends her spare time visiting pigs at the sanctuaries where they live. There is even a pig sanctuary in her area that she sponsors.

Pink for Pigs has now filed for status as a 501(c)(3) organization in their home state. It would make them a nonprofit organization so they wouldn’t have to pay federal income tax.

Alaina explained:

“After bringing Daisy home, we learned more horror stories (on Facebook) that breeders tell them they make good apartment pets – not the case.

The rescues are flooded with pigs. They’re being euthanized every single day because they’re in dog shelters, things like that.”

Alaina’s family had just enough space to keep Daisy as a pet.

Mozy lives alone with over 50 pigs at Smiggy’s Safe Haven and Sanctuary in Dowagiac, Michigan and is sponsored by the nine-year-old girl.

The owner of the 6.5-acre sanctuary, Christy Guipe, said she is always being asked to take more pigs.

She told GMA:

“We need people like [Alaina] to sponsor these pigs, otherwise all the financial responsibility is on us.

Most were surrendered by families who were told they’d make good pets. The owners, they cry when they hand over the pig, but then they’re gone.

It’s not illegal. It’s just people take them home, but they’re not zoned for them.”

Photo: Betty Holdread / Facebook

Alaina has such strong feelings for pigs because they have feelings “just like us.” She said:

“They are just my passion and I just want to help save pigs’ lives. Part of what I do is educate the public about pigs so people can make better decisions.”

You can look at the Pink for Pigs Facebook page for more information.

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