5-Year-Old Girl Helps Rescue Swan That Was Trapped In A Storm Drain

Olivia Cammarata is not your average 5-year-old girl. Recently, she was walking with her grandmother on Long Island when she heard something unusual coming out of a storm drain. It took place near her home in Merrick, and now she is being praised because she helped rescue a swan that was trapped inside, according to WABC.

Olivia and her grandmother stood looking into the storm grate when it became apparent that a swan was inside and was unable to escape. Immediately, they sent a text message to Olivia’s father to tell him about the animal sighting. They also called Nassau County emergency services and animal control.

Olivia’s father talked about the text message he received, which said: “Daddy, daddy! There’s an emergency, there’s a swan in the drain!”

Police officers and 1st responders worked together to free the swan. Two wildlife rehabilitators were also on hand to help remove the swan using a large net.

Officials said that the bird likely would not have survived if Olivia had not spotted it.

Photo: Eyewitness News ABC7NY

Wildlife rehabilitator Karenlynn Stracher also spoke with WABC, saying: “This swan was definitely in distress, there was no way for that swan to get out on its own.”

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According to Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) officers, this is a situation that should remind us of the need to speak up when we see something wrong.

“To kids: if you see something unusual – an animal in distress, anything – tell your parents, let an adult know,” NCPD officer Lashaun Carr said, according to the outlet. “And that way you can call us and we can handle the situation.”

The officer went on to talk about the stress that children and parents are under these days, and how a swan can make us smile. Another police officer said: “It’s a good feeling.”

Olivia has named the swan Peanut and has her eyes set on being a veterinarian when she grows up. She summed things up by saying, “I feel good.”

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