Two-Year-Old Girl Becomes ‘Mom’ To A Deaf Foster Dog

It’s amazing that we all have a certain instinct when it comes to our parenting skills. Some of us use those skills for our own children, and at times, they may even show up when we are very young.

It seems as if that was the experience with a two-year-old girl named Lillian. Her mother, Lauren, spoke about the dog that was found abandoned and needing a lot of assistance. That dog, Moz, found a new home and he also found a foster mom in the form of a little girl as well.

The white pit bull puppy mix walked by their home with a foster dad, and suddenly, the little girl was enamored.

Any time the dog would walk by, Lillian would be right there to say hello. They formed a bond that was unmistakable. It was also easily seen in the way that the dog behaved around Lillian.

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The previous foster dad, Thom, had found the dog in an alley in Oakland, California. He was in bad shape, covered in fleas and tick bites and when he got inside his home, he slept for a day and a half!

Photo: Instagram/mozsremix

There were other dogs in the home that were being fostered as well and they showed Moz a lot of TLC.

Moz also loved his daily walks, and it was there that his life took a turn for the better. It wasn’t long before Thom could see just how much Moz and Lillian meant to each other and he was hoping that they would give the dog a forever home.

Fortunately, it worked out that way and Lillian continued to take care of the dog and give him all of the love he needed.

Photo: Instagram/mozsremix

According to Inspire More, Thom shared they were inseparable and it didn’t matter what Lillian wanted to do, the dog was up for it. He even called him a “Velcro dog” because he would stick by her side.

It wasn’t long before Lillian’s family realized that they would do more than watch the dog, they wanted to give him a forever home. Thom perhaps describes it best when he says that Moz hit the jackpot when he found that family!

Photo: Instagram/mozsremix

You can keep up with Moz and his new life on Instagram, @mozsremix.

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