She Thought She’d Never See Her Lost Dog Again. But When They’re Reunited, The Dog Cries With Joy

A dog named Ginger ran away several weeks ago and was nowhere to be found. Her human, Sergeant Dahlberg, and her daughter, searched everywhere for her, but to no avail. They were afraid they’d never see their beloved furbaby ever again.

After searching online, they came across Ginger on Front Street Animal Shelter’s website. Ginger was picked up off the streets while she was missing, and sadly got sick with parvovirus while she was lost. This disease can be deadly, but thankfully the shelter was able to treat her as early as they did.

Ginger is doing much better now, and although she is still pretty lethargic, she is well on her way to recovery. Not only that, but she’s also back home with her family. When Sargeant Dahlburg arrived at the shelter to pick Ginger up, they opened her kennel door, and Ginger recognized her right away. Dahlburg held her tight in her arms, and Ginger was so happy that she started making crying sounds.

This reunion is a real tear-jerker! Watch it for yourself in the video below:

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