15 Heartfelt Gift Ideas for Someone Who Lost a Pet

Losing a pet is completely unbearable, it’s like losing a family member. No matter if someone lost their pet bunny or their lifelong dog, their grief is extremely painful. It’s important to make your friend feel comforted during their time of suffering and sometimes sympathy gifts that represent their pet help them to feel better and heal faster.

Pet Memorial Gifts That Give Back To Animals

Sometimes the best way to memorialize a dog or cat is to give back in their honor. Luckily when you shop at The Animal Rescue Site your order gives back to help rescue animals in need. Purchasing a pet loss gift from The Animal Rescue Store helps support animal shelters with basic needs like food and care. These sympathy gift ideas are perfect for helping someone who lost their beloved animal and you’ll feel great doing it! From garden stones to jewelry, these pet memorial gifts are sure to help pet owners during their tragic time. Shop these sympathy gifts for someone and give back with your purchase. With one of these purchased items you can feed 35 shelter animals.

Forever In My Heart Car Charm

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Help someone who lost a pet by gifting them this beautiful paw print car charm. Though a beloved pet may no longer be with you, they live on through memories. This token of remembrance bears a quartet of multicolored hearts — one inside a paw print — for a loving send-up even when you’re on the road.

Forever In My Heart Paw Print Remembrance Bracelet

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The Forever In My Heart Bracelet is a great way to help someone who is grieving. Even though their pet is no longer here, they’ll always be with them in spirit. A sweetheart-shaped charm is stamped with a paw print along with the message: “No longer by my side, but forever in my heart.” Silver-tone base metal. Honor your special pet everyday.

I Will Love You Forever Adjustable Sterling Ring

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Carry the love you have for your pet in your heart, and on your jewelry. This sterling silver adjustable ring is accented with two paw prints, along with the words “I will love you forever” on the inside. This sterling silver ring would make a great gift for someone who lost a beloved pet. When you look down at your ring you’ll remember the love you feel for your pet.

Purple Paw Pet Memorial Bell

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Honor your beloved animal with the gentle sound of this wind chime bell. Painted with a heart inside of a paw print, this decorative memorial lovingly reads: “You have left my life, but you will never leave my heart™.” Made of glass and metal. Put the memorial bell in your yard where you can sit and remember your dog or cat.

Paw Prints Memorial Frame & Engravable Pet Tag Set

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A great sympathy gift for someone, this pet memorial frame is perfect. Honor their memory with this simple frame, which includes a touching poem, a frame for their pet’s photo and a ribbon to hold their tag where you can engrave the pet’s name. Wood, glass, polyester, & metal. Fits 5″ x 7″ photos. Included tag is engravable for pet’s name. This personalized gift makes a wonderful keepsake.

Forever in My Heart Paw Print Ornament

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Another perfect gift or keepsake for the loss of a pet, this paw print ornament. No longer by their side, but forever in their heart; a pet will never be forgotten. Preserve their memory with a silver- or gold-tone ornament adorned with hearts and a shining paw print to decorate your Christmas tree or home. This would make a perfect gift for a loved one who lost a pet.

Missing You Garden Stake

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These pet memorial garden stakes make a great gift. Firmly planted in the garden, or your beloved pet’s favorite spot in the yard, this paw print memorial stake is one way to honor their memory. With a heartfelt message written in the resin stone-like piece, you fondly remember your furry friend that will always be in your heart.

You Will Never Leave My Heart™ Ornament

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This pet memorial ornament will make a great gift for someone who is experiencing pet loss. The love you have for your forever pet endures all things! This brushed silver-tone ornament features mixed metal accents, and expresses the loving sentiment with the phrase: “You have left my life, but you will never leave my heart™.” Fill your family member or friends Christmas tree with this thoughtful ornament.

Forever in My Heart Iron Solar Light

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Share the light of a special pet with this heartwarming solar lantern. Leave it in the sunlight to charge then admire the glowing light that flickers just like a flame, with a cutout design on the front that reads “Forever in my heart.” What a special pet sympathy gift!

Paws Forever Frame

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This glass and wood frame makes the perfect pet loss gift. Put your favorite pet portrait on display with a sweet, rustic animal-loving frame. Topped with a message honoring your fur-ever friend, your favorite face smiles back from this American-made piece. The perfect way to remember your beloved pet.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Necklace

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A pet is irreplaceable, and you carry their memory with you every day. Honor a best friend with a necklace that is a shining memorial to the love they brought into your life! Featuring rainbow charms and a silver-tone angel wing, honoring that piece of your heart that crossed the rainbow bridge. Knowing a dog has crossed the Rainbow Bridge may give someone who is experiencing loss comfort. A thoughtful pet loss gift.

Rainbow Bridge Sterling Silver Ring

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Gazing at their colorful rainbow crystal ring, your friend will honor their beloved four-legged friend that has crossed the rainbow bridge. With a small enamel paw print on each end, this small but powerful accessory enables them to carry their loving, vibrant spirit with them wherever they go. A great gift or keepsake for someone experiencing pet loss.

Paw Prints Memorial Frame & Heart Ashes Locket Set

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This pet sympathy gift is sure to make someone feel better. Lovingly remember a departed pet when you display this thoughtful paw print frame and heart locket set. Just unhook the locket, fill the small gold-tone vial with a bit of your beloved pet’s ashes, and screw shut. So personalized and so precious. The beautiful jewelry piece also symbolizes the special connection you shared.

Forever In My Heart Pin

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A dog sympathy item is a good way to make someone feel better after losing a pet. A bright and shining silver-tone heart, topped with a gold-tone paw print creates a piece for honoring your best friend. Engraved with the phrase “No longer by my side, forever in my heart,” this accessory carries the message of love that you feel for your furry friend, even after they’re gone.

Loved With Your Heart Paw Print Jewelry

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What a great way to honor your pet’s name. By always wearing their memory on your wrist. Your furever friend is irreplaceable, and you carry your pet’s memory with you every day. Honor your best friend with a charm bracelet or necklace that is a shining memorial to the love they brought into your life! Featuring rainbow charms and a silver-tone angel wing, along with a pendant which reads: “You SMILED with your eyes, LAUGHED with your tail and LOVED with your HEART.”

Coping With Losing A Pet

The pain and loss of losing a pet can often feel overwhelming and trigger all sorts of feelings. Everyone experiences the loss differently, some may feel guilty or sad but others feel ashamed to cope with losing their animal. Here are some ways to help you cope with pet loss:

  • Feel your feelings- Don’t let others tell you how long you should grieve or how you should feel. Spend time remembering your pet and grieve for as long as necessary. Take time off from work, surround yourself with loved ones and take as much time as you need to grieve.
  • Reach out to others- There are people who have been in your shoes. Talking about it with others often helps and grieving with others can help too. Check message boards or social media groups, find someone who may have experienced pet loss, reach out to them and see if they can help you cope. Research local support groups or talk to other friends who have also lost a pet. Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone helps.
  • Create a legacy- Print out a photo of your pet (or many photos), create a garden for your dog with a memorial stone to memorialize them, create personalized items to honor them, or even wear jewelry that makes you remember them. Do what you can to create a legacy for your pet.
  • Try to maintain normal life and take care of yourself- Find happiness again with your other pets or family. Make sure you’re sleeping and eating and taking care of your health. Maintain your daily routines, exercise and do things to elevate your mood. Getting life back to normal is key. And remember, time heals all wounds.
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    How do you comfort a friend who has lost a pet?

    Sometimes a hug or a sympathy card is all you need to cheer up your friend who lost their pet. It’s important to understand their pain and that the loss of a furry friend makes a significant impact on someone’s life. Your friend may feel empty and heartbroken. Let them know you’re here to listen and share memories with them about their pet. Give them a gift to honor their pet, help a loved one and your friend will need comfort during their time of grieving.

    What is an appropriate sympathy gift for someone who lost a pet?

    There are many ways to help your grieving loved one heal from the loss of their pet. Part of your well-wishes may include a pet remembrance gift. The sympathy gift ideas above are good examples of thoughtful gifts to give to a person who has lost a dog, cat, or another animal companion. Sometimes a picture of their dog helps them remember their times with their pet. Your friend may not want gifts or company and sometimes a sympathy card with a well written note is the best to help them with healing.

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