Giant Ostrich Chases Cyclists During A Bike Tour In South Africa

When I was a child my mom used to take me and my dog to the local park to play. It had a pond full of ducks. Naturally, a seven-year-old kid and a dog would equally be drawn to the pond to see the ducks.

However, for being small birds the ducks certainly proved that they had a scary side to them. Instead of me or my dog chasing the ducks it’d be the opposite. Birds can be scary when they chase you, especially if the bird in question is a large ostrich.

In a video that is sure to give viewers second-hand anxiety, a group of cyclists got chased by a pretty quick ostrich. These cyclists weren’t your average bikers out for a lazy Sunday ride, they were taking part in the Cape Argus Tour down in South Africa.

Photo: YouTube /Oleksiy

They would be used to long distances and fast riding, yet they were clearly terrified and couldn’t seem to peddle fast enough when the nimble bird seemed ready to overtake them.

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In the video, you can see that the ostrich keeps up a pretty good pace and is able to chase them for quite a distance. It’s definitely not the sight that you want to see coming after you on the road.

In the clip, one of the cyclists looks over his shoulder and spots the ostrich, which is off camera at this point. Just as the cyclist begins to peddle faster to make his escape, along comes the big, bad ostrich. The only thing that I could think of that would be worse than seeing a giant ostrich would be seeing a lion.

Hopefully these cyclists didn’t get any of those chasing them!

Watch the video below:

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