This Dog is Living Larger Than Life, Thanks To His Dad

Anyone who has a dog will tell you how they make their lives complete and how life would be so boring without them. Doing everyday tasks are so much more exciting with a dog. Even posing for pictures is easier because dogs are so cute and photogenic.

Christopher Cline is showing the world through his love of photography how big a part Juji, his Goldendoodle, plays in his life. Juji dog is not actually a “giant,” but with the help of Photoshop, Cline can enlarge the size of his dog. He turns great photos of him and his dog into extraordinary fantasy adventures.

Cline tells The Dodo, “It just defines how I feel about spending time with my puppy. He is my best buddy and we have so much fun creating these together.”

Photo: Facebook/Christopher Cline
Photo: Facebook/Christopher Cline

Cline captioned this photo with, “‘Let’s go Juji! I’ll race you home!!!’ That moment when you’re outside playing in the snow….and you hear you’re [sic] mom yelling to you that the hot chocolate is ready. Then it’s a mad dash back to the house.”

Photo: Facebook/Christopher Cline
Photo: Facebook/Christopher Cline

He even speaks for Juji with this photo. “‘Oh Dad….you’re such a moron. Maybe next time you take my advice and bring along a snorkel.’”

Photo: Facebook/Christopher Cline
Photo: Facebook/Christopher Cline

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This looks like so much fun! “Hold on, Juji! I’m bout to jump this river. Wooooo-hooooooo!!!!” captions Cline.

Photo: Facebook/Christopher Cline
Photo: Facebook/Christopher Cline

Cline’s captions are as entertaining as the images. Like this one: “‘Dad, it clearly states in paragraph two of the owners manual that it is extremely dangerous to allow passengers on this tractor. Also…you obviously haven’t thought of the repercussions of falling off the FRONT of a lawn mower!’ …..Once again, Juji has to be the voice of reason.”

If you are inspired and want a picture of you and your pet done, you can contact Cline. Check out all the adventures Cline and Juji have been on in their Facebook Page.

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Juji Dog FAQs

What kind of dog is Juji?

Juji the giant dog is a Goldendoodle.

How big is Juji the giant dog?

Juji the giant dog real size
Photo: Instagram/Christopher Cline

Juji is an average Goldendoodle

Is Juji the dog real?

Yes, Juji is real. However, Juji’s famous size is not real. Juji is average size for a Goldendoodle. The only thing that is oversized is Chris Cline’s imagination and photoshop ability.

Is Juji Male or Female?

Juji is male.

Where does Juji the dog live?

Juji the dog lives in Buffalo, NY.

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