Giant Cats Are Taking Over Instagram And The Internet Can’t Get Enough

It’s no secret that the Internet loves cats. Since the 1990s, cats have been shared online in emails, and in 2005 they made their debut on YouTube. Since then, cat content has continued to take on a form of its own and it seems that there’s always a new face going viral in the form of a meme, video, or social media post.

Using the Internet’s love for cats, three Master Architecture students at the University of Buffalo, Emily Battaglia, Madelaine Ong, and Michaela Senay, decided to focus a class project on brutalism around adorable felines.

According to the Cats of Brutalism website, the aim of the project, initially, was to focus on the “past, present and future of a local brutalist building; the Earl W. Brydges Public Library in Niagara Falls, New York (1968-1974), designed by American architect Paul Rudolph (1918-1997).”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Because brutalism architecture uses a lot of hard materials and rigid lines, they thought adding cats – scaled to be massive – onto those buildings would add a new depth of softness and humor and help build a conversation around brutalism and the future of that architectural style.

Since sharing its photo featuring a giant cat on the Earl W. Brydges Public Library, the students have continued to share brutalist buildings with massive cats on Instagram.

Check out some of their photos below:

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To see more, you can check out @cats_of_brutalism on Instagram. You can also submit a request for a building or cat to make an appearance on the Instagram account on their website, Cats of Brutalism.

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