Anxious Dog Learns How To Relax And Focus On A Walk

Dogs come in all different colors and sizes. They also come with a variety of temperaments.

Some dogs can be super chill and relaxed, while others can be a little bit more of a handful.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to train those pooches that are a little more excitable than others. But for some dog owners, having an excitable or anxious dog can be an extra challenge when it comes to trying to train them.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

For one dog, Ghost, his anxious energy made it a little hard for him to be able to take a walk without getting distracted.

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All little Ghost needed was someone to help teach him how to be a calm dog while on his leash, and Matt Beisner, the host of National Geographic Wild’s series, Dog Impossible, did just that in a heartwarming video clip.

Photo: YouTube/Nat Geo WILD

The clip showed how Ghost, a white German Shepard, had been unable to calm down without her owner. In fact, the poor dog had become so reliant on her owner, that she was unable to calm herself down on her own. But Matt was able to help Ghost get in a more relaxed state by actually going at a quicker pace!

As it turned out, Ghost just needed her extra energy expelled by walking at a fast pace. That helped to keep her focused while on her walks. No more getting distracted by other dogs or people.

Photo: YouTube/Nat Geo WILD

It’s so cool to watch Ghost become a more calm and confident dog. Thanks to Matt, Ghost now has a few new walking practices to help her keep Ghost at ease while on walks. No doubt these two will definitely be enjoying walk time together.

Watch the video below:

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