Continued Efforts Are Saving Animals From The Louisiana Flooding!

The destructive flooding that has crushed swaths of Louisiana will forever affect hundreds of citizens, and the cities themselves. Animals are often the forgotten victims of natural disasters, which is why jumped on board to help with the rescue of animals — from household pets, to strays and livestock. Your help has saved hundreds of animals, and Executive Director Liz Baker of wanted to offer an update of how your generosity has made a difference:

“This past week has been a tough one at The flooding in Louisiana is now the worst natural disaster to strike the US since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. As much as 2 feet of rain dumped in some areas within 48 hours leaving 60,000 damaged homes across the state, and 13 lives lost. More than 30,000 people and 1,400 pets have been displaced since the deluge of rain started.

Floodwater levels pose real danger to pets.
Floodwater levels pose real danger to pets.

With so many people forced out of their homes, animal shelters are at capacity due to increased stray intake as well as taking in owned pets for temporary housing. As soon as the staff at started receiving pleas for help from animal shelters and rescue groups across the state of Louisiana, we knew this was going to be an incredibly difficult and sad situation.
I’ve never been more proud to be a part of this community; with the support and quick response of our corporate partners and donors, GreaterGood staff was able to provide assistance to the impacted shelters and rescue groups immediately. Through our program Rescue Bank, we were able to send food, cat litter, and other supplies to partner shelters right away. To date, we’ve sent approximately 220,645 pounds of pet food and litter to assist in the disaster. A total of 5,600 pounds of food and litter was immediately dispatched from our Houston warehouse to our affiliate, Louisiana Pet Pantry, in Baton Rouge. We’ve also delivered 10×10 panels for kenneling to help increase shelters’ capacity for temporary housing. We’ve facilitated delivery of hundreds of doses of vaccines and rapid-test products for testing animals for communicable diseases. Having extra kennels will allow them to set up quarantine areas for sick pets in need of medical treatment.

Pet food & supplies delivered
Pet food & supplies delivered

Thanks to our generous community of donors and supporters, GreaterGood has over $200,000 in cash grants and supplies, of which 100% is directed to partners in that area. So far, we have awarded grants to the following groups:

Humane Society St. Tammany
Humane Society of Louisiana
Livingston Parish Animal Shelter (under HSLA)
Louisiana State Animal Response Team
Red Rover
Zeus’ Rescue
Companion Animal Alliance
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
Dixon Correctional Pen Pals Program
Louisiana Pet Pantry and CATNIP Foundation

In addition, we are working with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in funding transport for over 300 animals out of Louisiana to make more room in already crowded shelters.

Ongoing transport efforts
Ongoing transport efforts

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We are also very fortunate that we have dedicated corporate partners who have answered our call for help in HUGE ways. Without their support and resounding, “Yes, we will help,” we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Many thanks to:

The Animal Rescue Site, Nestle Purina, Big Heart Brands (JM Smucker), Mars Pet Care, I Heart Dogs, HALO Pets,, Boehringer Ingelheim, Abaxis, Missions on Wheels, Stephens Pipe and Steel

While what we have done so far is only a fraction of the help required, I hope that these are not only a much-needed source of good news, but also some proof that your donations and small actions are collectively having a tangible effect on many lives, both animal and human. Our partners at the Humane Society of Louisiana sent us a note expressing their gratitude for the support they received from GreaterGood:

‘If you ever wondered if you were making a difference, that question has been answered during this emergency … Each of you has provided supplies, equipment, funds, resources and most of all, your friendship at a time when it is needed most. On behalf of all the shelters, individuals, groups and the thousands of animals you have helped during the past week and the years before then, we collectively say, “thank you.”‘

Without the continued support of our partners and donors, we would not be able to effectively provide immediate relief to those in need. The need for assistance is far from over; GreaterGood is committed to the recovery efforts, and I want you to know that we are in this for the long haul.”


There is still work to be done, and we will continue to offer every ounce of support possible! Thank you so much to everyone that has helped support the mission!

Spread the word and help those in need! ☟

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