Tiny Kitten Was Frightened At The Shelter. Until She Found A Special Box That Helped Her Feel Safe

Fern is a rescued kitten being cared for by the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League, which provides food, shelter, and veterinary care to homeless cats and dogs in Mississippi.

But Brookhaven is busier than ever during kitten season, which leaves shelters across the country struggling to process a surge of homeless kittens, like Fern. This critical period has been further complicated by the pandemic, leaving already crowded shelters scrambling to secure vital supplies to care for their booming kitten populations.

Photo: Brookhaven Animal Rescue League

That’s why The Animal Rescue Site and Greater Good Charities teamed up to provide Brookhaven Animal Rescue League with fleece blankets, Cat Castles, and scratching boxes to comfort and entertain its newest shelter residents. According to rescuers, Fern and the other kittens were delighted to see these gifts suddenly appear in the shelter’s cat colony.

Photo: Brookhaven Animal Rescue League

“She calmly sat there for the photo,” Brookhaven Animal Rescue League told Greater Good Charities. “Once the photo snapped, she attacked the Stretch and Scratch Box with a vengeance. She loved it. We have lots of cats and kittens coming in right now and these Stretch and Scratch Boxes will provide them with stress relief and enrichment.”

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But these items are more than just cat-friendly entertainment. Our Stretch and Scratch boxes provide shelter cats with an important outlet for stress relief, thus helping them feel more comfortable and relaxed at the shelter, which can be scary and stressful for rescued pets.

Photo: Brookhaven Animal Rescue League

Similarly, cats love our Cat Castles, and boxes in general, because they make cats feel safe. But our sturdy boxes also double as transportation devices, helping shelter cats safely transit into their new homes. Such enrichment also helps shelter cats get adopted by keeping them happy, relaxed, and friendly around the people who might give them homes.

“We LOVE the Cat Castles at the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League,” rescuers confirmed. “We receive many comments from people who say how much their cat loves their castle when they get to their new home.”

Photo: Brookhaven Animal Rescue League

But we couldn’t have delivered this critical shipment without support from Animal Rescue Site readers, whose daily clicks, generous donations, and shopping at The Animal Rescue Site store helped us shower these kittens with supplies worth thousands of dollars!

“We sincerely appreciate these donations,” shelter workers told Greater Good Charities. “It takes a collective effort to take care of shelter animals. Support from these donors makes a difference in the lives of shelter animals every day.”

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