German Shepherd Adorably Fails Service Dog Test But Becomes Internet Sensation

Some dogs are so intelligent that they can learn to do just about any job that is set before them. Other dogs can’t be trained as easily.

The story of this German Shepherd is one of the latter.

When Ryker the German Shepherd was first enrolled at the Double H Canine Training Academy, his instructors had high hopes for the fella.

The academy is of the opinion that every single dog is capable of being trained. And the training process itself isn’t typically that complex — though it is long. However, once training is over, the dogs can read their handlers in a totally different way and are super observant.

Training a service dog takes more than just helping them learn basic commands. The dog needs to learn when their owner is feeling depressed or experiencing distress, and also needs to learn how to provide emotional assistance.

Ryker had some difficulty learning how to do these new tricks.

In addition to learning how to be there emotionally for their humans, service dogs can also learn how to do basic household tasks like retrieving items or shutting off a light.

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When Ryker was taught how to retrieve a water bottle, he seemed to think that it belonged on the floor rather than in his handler’s hand. In fact, he decided it looked like a toy for him, so he chewed through the whole thing and got water all over the floor.

The staff realized they would need to take a different approach when training Ryker — and it wasn’t easy.

It was, however, super entertaining.

For example, Ryker was supposed to help someone who used a walker. Unfortunately for that person, Ryker thought that the tennis balls on the bottom were his toys and proceeded to try to fit them in his mouth.

Another time, Ryker was supposed to be learning how to open a fridge. However, the pupper got so excited and pulled on the handle so enthusiastically, the whole thing almost fell over!

The trainers couldn’t help but think the whole thing was hilarious. And just because Ryker will likely not be a stellar service dog, he’s a happy guy and able to help out where he can. Isn’t that what’s most important?

Take a look at this clip to see all of Ryker’s amusing antics, and share with someone you know who needs a chuckle!

This story originally appeared at Goodfullness.

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