Woman Holds Dying Shelter Dog In Her Arms All Night So He Won’t Pass Away Alone

It’s our goal and hope that every dog living on the streets or trapped in an abusive home will someday find a loving forever home. But the sad truth is that too many dogs end up dying alone and unloved because no one had ever cared enough to help them.

When Janine met Watson, she knew she had to help the sweet pitbull get through his last days. It was obvious that he wasn’t long for this world, and she knew he needed to feel loved, even if it was only going to be for a short while.


Her beautiful act of love went viral, and for good reason. Even though Janine was only doing the right thing in her mind, it struck a chord with animal-lovers everywhere.

Janine works at Speranza Animal Rescue. When Watson was brought to her, he was covered in sores, and had an inoperable tumor. There wasn’t much to do for the sweet pitty anymore but keep him comfortable.


But Janine knew what it’s like for animals like Watson who have never had a home of their own — she had seen lots of dogs like him; dogs that spend their whole lives wandering the streets in every type of weather, never knowing what it’s like to have a safe, warm bed or a caring human to snuggle with.

Janine knew that Watson deserved that care and love in the last moments of his life.


So she stayed right by his side. She didn’t want him to feel alone, and so she spent the night with him at the shelter, cuddling up to him and holding him while he slept.

In the morning, they woke up and she continued to hold him. She knew that his last moments were almost here. Soon enough, Watson passed away.


Watson died knowing the kind touch of a human in a safe, dry place. Janine is a truly special person for making sure that he felt love during his life.

Watson mattered to someone in his last days, and that’s something we all strive for, isn’t it? This story, while heartbreaking, is an example of how we can show kindness to neglected animals even in their last days and hours.

Make an animal or person in your life feel loved today, and pass this story along to your loved ones.

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