Getting To Know A New Feline Friend

WarmUpKittyYou’ve found the perfect pretty kitty to bring home and you can’t wait to snuggle with them and smother them with love. But don’t expect it to be a mutual feeling right away.

If you’ve just introduced Felix to his new home, and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, don’t worry. Like any relationship, you have to get to know each other, nurture each other, and understand one another.

Here are a few tips on how you can make a relationship between two perfect strangers turn into a match made in heaven:

1) Respect Their Space: We all have personal bubbles and so do cats. Cats are territorial and will size you up before they make their move and pass judgment on whether or not you are a foe or friend. By casually surrounding yourself around them and not smothering them, it gives them the chance to decide whether you’re a threat or not.

2) Play Hard to Get: Once your pretty kitty decides you’re safe, let them approach you. By letting them make the decision to make contact, they’ll be less stressed, and you’ll more likely to make a better impression not them and their trust.

3) Don’t Make Sudden Moves: If you see your feline friend coming your direction and freeze suddenly, don’t overwhelm them by making a move. They may be nervous and by staying still, you won’t scare them and lose your trust they’re testing. Allow them to relax and proceed to approach you and continue to slowly and gently approach them as well.

4) Making Contact: Once you’ve made contact with your cat, it’s not a done deal quite yet. When petting your pretty kitty don’t go straight for their head; start with their shoulders or back. Imagine if you were in their situation and instead of a handshake someone goes straight to your face. Uncomfortable right? Slowly work your way from their shoulders and along their back. Before you know it, they’ll welcome you with open paws for a gentle pat on the head.

As easy as these steps may sound, we’ll admit they’re not. But keep them in mind to try try again, it won’t always happen the first time around but once you make these steps routine and allow your new found feline friend to get to know you, you’ll be snuggling side by side like you’ve always been two peas in a pod.

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