Confused German Shepherd Doesn’t Know What To Think Of A Tiny Kitten

A sweet German Shepherd recently got to meet a tiny kitten and he was so confused by the meows!

Two-year-old Rocky the German Shepherd lives with a husband and wife duo who regularly introduces him to new animals.

Photo: YouTube/Rocky

Rocky loves meeting new friends, though he can sometimes be unsure or confused by newcomers.

In a video shared on Rocky’s YouTube channel, you can see Rocky and the kitten sitting on a bed together.

Photo: YouTube/Rocky

The giant dog doesn’t know what to think of the little kitten and is especially confused when he hears some meows.

Despite being confused, Rocky is incredibly gentle and even licks the little kitten!

German shepherds sometimes have a reputation for being aggressive, but the American Kennel Club describes them as “gentle family pets and steadfast guardians.”

Photo: YouTube/Rocky

Rocky certainly falls into that category, as you can see how gentle and caring he is with the tiny kitten, even though he doesn’t quite understand the tiny creature.

You can see the interaction for yourself in the video below:

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