Cranky German Shepherd Turns Into A ‘Pile Of Mush’ After Caring For Orphaned Fawns

I’d like to introduce you to a German Shepherd named Sarge. He is more than just a dog, he has a huge heart and a beautiful spirit.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Sarge. When he was growing up, he didn’t have a tender side. Rather, he was short-tempered and just a little bit cranky.

His life was about to change on a dime, however, when Buckwheat showed up.

Cheryl Stephen is Sarge’s mother and she brought home an orphaned fawn that was about to turn the dog’s life upside down.

Suddenly, the once cranky canine was now a big pile of mush. The nine-year-old dog now absolutely loves taking care of orphaned fawns.

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Buckwheat was found in the middle of the road all alone and he needed some TLC.

After Sarge’s mother took the fawn in and gave him a home, things began to change.

Sarge’s heart melted when he met Buckwheat for the first time. His life’s mission then changed to taking care of and nurturing the little fawn.

It wasn’t long before Sarge was dedicating his life to babysitting Buckwheat and taking care of all of its needs.

Sarge was by his side when Buckwheat ate, and he napped when Buckwheat napped.

Buckwheat needed some help with his balance, and Sarge was by his side to keep him safe.

When the fawn began to explore the outdoors, Sarge kept an eye on him to make sure he didn’t wander too far or get in trouble.

If there was a time that Sarge thought the deer was wandering too far, he would herd Buckwheat back to the safety.

Buckwheat eventually grew strong enough to be released back into the wild. Although Buckwheat was no longer with him, he now knew what his destiny was.

It wasn’t long after Buckwheat recovered and was released into the wild that a new little fawn came to live with Sarge. Those baby deer just kept coming.

Thanks to the TLC that Stephen and Sarge provide, they are rehabilitating abandoned or injured fawns regularly.

Sarge has adapted to his new role quite nicely and he loves every little fawn that moves in.

When a new fawn enters the fold, Sarge is overjoyed and treats them with all the love they need.

Stephen gave an interview with the Dodo, saying that when a new fawn comes into the home, Sarge is there to give it a good stiff and to determine if it is sick or injured.

Unfortunately, not every fawn that comes into their home is able to survive, despite how hard Stephen and Sarge try.

When a fawn dies, Sarge mourns the loss deeply.

Although he suffers when one of these little babies is lost, he continues to focus on his mission.

Each new fawn that comes to the home is greeted with enthusiasm and plenty of love. Sarge is always there to provide the affection those little creatures need.

Sarge absolutely loves his little babies and they love him as well.

“The fawns are drawn to Sarge and feel safe in his presence,” Stephen said.

Buckwheat may have been saved as a fawn but you might say that he saved Sarge.

Thanks to what buckwheat did, many little fawns are given an opportunity to live life and explore their place in the world around them.

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