Woman Creates A ‘Restaurant’ With Tiny Tables For Chipmunks In Her Yard

We may miss many things now that the coronavirus pandemic has altered our lives in so many ways. Perhaps the things that most people miss, however, have to do with going out and getting a nice meal at a restaurant.

If you have been missing the restaurant scene lately, then you really need to turn your attention to a delightful restaurant in Atlanta Georgia. It was created by a food writer named Angela Hansberger, who has seen a downturn during the pandemic because her work is focused on writing about restaurants.

Hansberger talked to CBS, telling them that she was facing some anxiety but was hiding it successfully. She turned that anxiety into some joy, both for herself and for others when she created a mini restaurant of her own. It’s helping her to cope with 2020 and I think all of us could use this in our lives.

In an interview with bon appétit, it was described how a gift arrived at Hansberger’s home in mid-April. It was a miniature wooden picnic table from her uncle, specifically made for squirrels.

Originally, the table was supposed to be put in a tree but she decided it would be better on her front porch with walnuts on top. It wasn’t long before a chipmunk came along and grabbed a free meal. He even came back the next day for more!

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It wasn’t long before additional items were being added to the makeshift restaurant, including a vase and blue checkered tablecloth. She even did some research to find out what chipmunks enjoy eating, besides nuts.

After learning what chipmunks eat, she got busy to provide them with a restaurant experience. It was great for them and provided her with a well-needed break. She has made everything from imitation pizza (almond flour crust, smashed raspberry, and slivered almonds) to imitation sushi (grains of rice, pieces of carrot, peach skins, seaweed, grated ginger, and sassafras leaves). I have to admit, it sounds delicious!

It wasn’t long before one particular chipmunk was a regular visitor at the restaurant, so she named him Thelonious Munk. She also told CBS that they seem to be enjoying the experience, saying: “The reviews have been great. One day he came up with this little tiny bundle – wadded up leaves – and put it on the table. So, I take it to mean he brought a tip.”

Thelonious has been a bright spot during a difficult time for the writer. She spoke further in the article on bon appétit, saying that she is “often caught in a state of hopelessness and helplessness” due to the downturn, the pandemic, and the uncertainty surrounding the restaurant industry.

“But every day, there is also Thelonious, a chipmunk who sits down to eat in a world without a doomful election and a deadly virus,” she wrote. “This is how I am coping, laying out a picnic, watching tiny hands hold my tiny food. It’s silly, yes, but sometimes silliness is needed.”

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