What This Officer Did For Animals Over 20 Years Is Breathtaking!

Countless people help save animals. They put their hearts and souls into saving those in need. However, George Bengal is one of a kind. Bengal has been the Director of Humane Law Enforcement at the Pennsylvania SPCA since 2007, a job that put him in some of the most horrific situations imaginable. From hoarding cases, to some of the most nauseating abuse. He has thrown himself into harms way more than once to protect animals and his fellow officers. He is a hero through and through.

Sadly, George has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and has been given a matter of months to live. His friends, family, and fellow officers gathered to celebrate George and his incredible dedication to his community, and especially the animals that desperately needed a hero like George. We can't express how much people like George are needed. His legacy will live on, and he will forever be a benchmark of love and respect for animals.

Thank you George for all you've done.

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