Artist’s Comic Series Perfectly Sums Up What It’s Like To Live With A Dog

You’re never alone if you live with a dog. In fact, dogs are the absolute perfect roommates. They are happy to see you, they love to spend time with you, and your leftovers never go to waste. Living with a dog is what makes a house a home. And one Spanish artist, Gemma Gené, perfectly captured what it’s like to live with a dog. In her very own comic series entitled, “157 of Gemma,” she illustrates life with Mochi, her pug. The adorable comic series is certainly something that every dog owner can relate to on a personal level.

Check out some of her illustrations below:

The power of the puppy eyes

When you’ve been with another dog

A dog’s life

Getting spoiled by your dog

Trying to watch anything with a dog in it

After a long day

There are perks to being the meal ticket

Dogs are perfect…except for this

How they see us

You can see more of Gemma Gené work, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Society6, Patreon

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