This Instagram Star Doesn’t Just Play, He Shreds It Up!

Welcome to a whole new world of cool! Dogs who can do human things better than humans can! Or at least look better while doing it!

Meet a Great Dane who just can’t get enough of his skateboard, and I cannot get enough of him!

Atlas is a Great Dane with many talents and tons of personality! He doesn’t just play, he actually shreds it up… with his own style.

He’s always been active and ready to play. Puppyhood was a bit of a challenge but once his humans figured out a way to keep him happy, a true skate-dog was born. Life is so much better on four wheels. Don’t believe me? Just ask Atlas!

Of course, this isn’t an activity your dog should ever try unattended. So, if it’s canine shred time, then it’s canine shred time + human time. So rad!

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