Abandoned At A Shuttered Doggy Daycare, Gator Is On The Road To Recovery

When you take your pup to a kennel or daycare, you’re trusting that they’ll be cared for like the family that they are.

For one Vancouver area dog, however, what was supposed to be a loving and caring place turned into a nightmarish prison. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of the British Columbia SPCA, he’s now on the road to recovery.

It started on June 26th, when prospective business owners went to check out the site of an abandoned dog daycare. They had plans to open one of their own, so the location seemed perfect.

Photo: Piqsels

However, as they took a look around the premises, they quickly found that the disused site still had two dogs in it — and one had unfortunately passed away. The other that remained, dubbed Gator by rescuers, was barely clinging to life.

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His fur was matted and tangled, his frame dangerously thin and skeletal. His teeth had been badly damaged by attempts to escape the kennel he was found in, and he had an infection in one ear as well.


“There’s a body condition score the vet community uses that goes from one to nine,” said Jodi Dunlop of the Vancouver B.C. SPCA in an interview with the Vancouver Sun. “He’s a one, the lowest on the scale.”

Rescuers estimate that it had been several weeks of neglect, pain, and isolation for Gator to end up how he did. They estimate his medical costs to be around $6,000 and have put him on a special diet to regain weight and become hardy enough to survive the surgery he needs.


The area’s SPCA has opened an investigation into the owners of the previous daycare that had closed, which may lead to criminal charges. They say Gator is lucky to be alive; the other dog who was in the excrement-covered kennel with him died from starvation or dehydration.

His coat is now close-shaven and on the mend, and Gator is charming everyone who meets him with a sweet disposition and gentle nature. While he still has a long ways to go, the team is certain that he’ll pull through and find his forever home.

Photo: pxfuel

In a post on the SPCA website, Dunlop added that Gator “is so grateful to be saved and absolutely loves people and attention. He has a zest for life and the will to live!”

Find out more about Gator’s story and make a donation towards his expenses at the Vancouver B.C. SPCA site here!

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