Dog Cries When His Head Is Stuck Under Metal Gate, Then Firefighters Rush To The Scene To Help

Engine 44 of the West Sacramento Fire Department responded to a call of a dog who was trapped in a fence. The German Shepherd somehow managed to get his head stuck under the metal bars of the gate and was unable to get out on his own. He appeared very distressed, but firefighters arrived to the scene very quickly to help.

As the dog whimpered with cries, the firefighters cut through the metal bars to free the scared, stuck pup. Thankfully, the dog wasn’t injured and is now happy and healthy. The fire department posted a video of the rescue on their Facebook page where it then went viral, amassing over 1.8 million views. These firefighters deserve a round of applause for a quick rescue during a difficult situation!

It’s unknown how the dog got stuck in the first place, but he was most likely trying to get under it. What matters most is that he’s now safe and unharmed and back with his owner! Hopefully next time he’ll think twice before trying to fit under a fence!

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