This Is The BEST News For Animal Supporters: 500,000 Animals Saved!

goats cropped500,000 innocent animals were just saved from slaughter in Nepal, where they would have been killed en masse in the world’s largest animal sacrifice event.

Animal Sacrifice? In the 21st Century?

The slaughter is part of a Hindu festival that has taken place every five years for nearly 300 years. It honors the goddess Gadhimai and is believed to bring prosperity and protection from evil.

During each festival, thousands of devotees travel to the Gadhimai Temple in Nepal with an animal to sacrifice. Up to 500,000 water buffalo, goats, pigs, chickens, pigeons and mice are then beheaded in a grisly and bloody ceremony.

How Was It Stopped?

goat squareHumane Society International (HSI), the Animal Welfare Network Nepal, and thousands of animal supporters around the world have been pleading for an end to this barbaric tradition for years. On Aug. 3, compassion finally won out.

After lengthy negotiations, the Gadhimai Temple committee “resolved to actively abolish all future animal sacrifices at the Gadhimai Temple on all occasions.”

“It has been a long effort… [W]e took a firm stand and it has finally worked,” said Manoj Gautam, president of Animal Welfare Network Nepal.

Millions of animals’ lives will be saved by this news.

Animal Slaughter Is Still A Big Problem

This is a huge win for animals and animal lovers around the world, but our work isn’t over! Help save thousands of dogs and cats from being tortured and eaten in China’s annual summer solstice celebration!

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