Chonky Street Cat Steals The Spot As The #1 Tourist Attraction In Polish Town

Visiting a new city or town is exciting and many people seek out the top tourist attractions when exploring a new place. Many people opt for museums, historical landmarks, or other significant icons in a town.

In my city, people come for the redwood forest and the beach, in San Fransisco people flock to the Golden Gate Bridge or the wharf, and in Paris, people head to the Eifle Tower. There are so many unique things to visit around the world, but a city in Poland has a tourist attraction that possibly trumps all the others.

You see, in the city of Szczecin, Poland, the #1 tourists attraction happens to be a chonky cat named Gacek.

Once you see photos of the adorable cat, it’s easy to see why he’s such a hit. He’s so chubby and fluffy and adorable!

According to Business Insider, Gacek has out-performed other popular attractions in Szczecin, even some attractions that’ve been around for centuries. The street cat wanders around and loves getting attention and photographs. He even has his very own Instagram account!

According to Kobieta Gazeta, the street cat became so popular and well-known that a little makeshift home was built for him on Kaszubska Street.

While he’s beloved by many, some people are worried for the cat’s wellbeing.

The Polish outletnaszemiasto claims that some people have expressed concern for his weight, and those concerns seem to be backed up by medical professionals.

The Szczecin Society for the Care of Animals took to Facebook to share that the beloved cat was in the clinic due to unfortunate food poisoning. They wrote that a well-meaning pedestrian had fed the cat some food that wasn’t agreeable for him, but thankfully things ended ok. They added that Gacek, while a street cat, does have a regular caretaker who ensures he’s being fed.

They wrote in the post (translated): “Gacek could use a little diet in general, because obesity in cats unfortunately contributes to many diseases and problems. So if we don’t want Gacek to be a regular visitor to the hospital cage, let’s take care of him – let only the babysitter feed him! Mrs. Marta takes care of him, so you can give her food instead of overfeeding this man to the limit. Because although we like him very much, we don’t want him to visit us at the TOZ clinic more often.”

You can keep up with Gacek on Instagram, @kotgacekeveryday.

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