Teen Captures Homeless Cats In Stunning Photos, Showing They’re All Worthy Of A Beautiful Life!

“Each stray cat has its own life story, and it is visibly reflected in their appearance and demeanor.”

Gabriel Khiterer, Facebook
Gabriel Khiterer, Facebook

Most nineteen-year-olds are thinking about getting to class on time and where the next great party will be. But not this nineteen-year-old! Meet Gabriel Khiterer, a young man from Lithuania, whose mission is to show the world that cats living on the street are just as beautiful as the sensationalized cats showcased on Instagram and Facebook.

Khiterer is self-taught and ripe with talent. His photographs aren’t just beautiful, they convey the important message that ALL cats are worthy, without the hype from props, filters and hashtags. Pretty refreshing coming from someone young in the digital age.

“Two months ago I looked at those photos and realized that stray cats look really interesting – completely different to the cats we are used to seeing on the Internet. Clearly, each stray cat has its own life story, and it is visibly reflected in their appearance and demeanor. They all have this almost wise look, as if they have seen life in its entirety, which they have, I guess,” Khiterer commented.

Khiterer’s photographs may be of a dirty cat living behind an abandoned building or a cat among a feral community, but that doesn’t matter… they are still stunning, and very much worthy of happiness AND love! The purrfect reminder to head over to a shelter AND adopt, NOT shop!

Julie E.H.

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